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Insights from Alaska Magazine?

You never know where coaching and consulting ideas pop up! I love to read Alaska Magazine ( and this month’s edition included a story by Nick Jans, entitled, Which Way Home? Lost and trying not to panic. The story tells about him getting lost on a trip from his base [...]

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Where do you see coaching & consulting?

Have you ever noticed that when you are interested in buying a red car, then all you start to see are red cars? When I started to explore the field of executive coaching and consulting, all of a sudden I started to meet coaches and read a lot about the amazing [...]

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Welcome to my Blog

Greetings and welcome to my blog! As I launch my new coaching and consulting business,  I'm really looking forward to sharing information with people and organizations that will help them succeed, thrive and lead more purposeful lives. This blog is a forum for all of you to share your insights and experiences as well as [...]

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