We all face challenges during our lives with relationships, health issues and whatever life throws at us. It’s HOW we react and cope with these rough times that matters the most in how well we bounce back and move forward both physically and psychologically. We often-times revert back to old negative thought patterns that exacerbate the situation and pushes us further into what I call my “downward spiral”. I still do this from time-to-time and am constantly working on this since I know nothing really good comes from going down, down, down. With that said, how to you get back into a positive mode?

The article below provides an interesting perspective on this topic that is pertinent to EVERYONE. Actually staying in what the author calls “limbo” after a setback may help you move forward. This seems counter-intuitive, but it seems to work. Having a personal coach in the past really helped me keep a more positive perspective, and the coach I’m working with now is also very aware of how these old “default” patterns of reacting to challenges can work against me. Applying this new theory/coping skill is intriguing to me!

Read on, and see how this resonates with you and your life.

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