Sounds like a simple question. One we get all the time, right? But how do we answer that question clearly and simply to make sure people really KNOW what we do? I think this question is more wrapped up in our need to share with people who we are as people first as opposed to being judged only by a job title or career.

Example: I recently met a person and I asked him what his wife did for work. He said she is an attorney. Ok, but there are A LOT of attorneys out there, right? What I read on her web site made this attorney come alive: “I’m an immigration attorney who specializes in helping married couples with young children who want to move back to the US”. See the difference? Her passion and true mission for her career came out with that one simple sentence. If you were looking for an immigration attorney, wouldn’t you gravitate more to this person than another one who simply said…”I’m a lawyer”. You get my point.

So Chris, what exactly do YOU do for work? Thought you would never ask!

I’m a professional coach and consultant. I specialize in helping business leaders and individuals deal with challenging transitions within their companies or personal lives. Not a lot of “blah, blah, blah…” Does this make sense to you as the reader? Would love to hear your comments.

Read the attached article for more ideas and insights. Try this exercise out for yourself and see how it goes. Have fun with it! Remember, people want to know who you ARE, not just what you DO.

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Till next time…