TriMetrix DNA® in Leadership Development

This tool measures 25 competencies or soft skills, 4 core behavioral characteristics and 12 Driving Forces.

TriMetrix DNA reveals a person’s 25 job-related skills in combination with their behaviors and drivers. Motivation – what drives a person, is highly personal. What matters for one person may mean nothing to their peers.

The advantage of the DNA report is that it allows Leaders to quickly assess the level of mastery of a large number of competencies and their ability to influence others’ behavior in order to accomplish an objective.

In your debrief, you will provide a deep understanding of where they should focus their time and attention to best manage their own professional development as well as the development of those who they manage.

By understanding their own drivers and those of the people they manage, leaders can understand the things that inspire trust and commitment, and then tailor their management strategies to suit individual needs.

You also have the option of how you want to present a person’s behavioral insights by choosing from the following reports:

  • Personal Reports – the first step into awareness
  • Comparison Reports – compare two people side-by-side
  • Team Reports – the team’s behavioral makeup at a glance
  • Job Reports – identify behavioral characteristics needed for a specific job
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