You never know where coaching and consulting ideas pop up! I love to read Alaska Magazine ( and this month’s edition included a story by Nick Jans, entitled, Which Way Home? Lost and trying not to panic. The story tells about him getting lost on a trip from his base camp. I will only share with you the last paragraph.

“So I built a cairn (landmark) out of dark rock. The traditional Inupiaq called such a thing an inuq-literally, a person. They served as markers or monuments and, the elders say, made the country less lonely. My quick-built pile was no big deal-but in that treeless landscape, you could see that waist-high shape from a long way off, even in a ground blow. From that base I ranged out and, on the third try, caught a fragment of fresh snow machine track etched into a wind-drift; then a familiar outcropping. A mile later I was headed toward camp, and the home beyond that.”

Very strong symbolism for me about how important people are in our lives, and the strength of my captain and crew.

Till next time…